Trump Lawyer: Trump Didn’t Know About Don Jr. Emails Until This Week

Jay Sekulow, an attorney representing President Trump, appeared on various morning TV shows Wednesday to defend both Trump and Donald Trump Jr. Sekulow claims Trump Sr. was not aware of the 2016 meeting between his top campaign officials and a Russian lawyer until “days ago.” Emails between Trump Jr. and Russian music publicist Rob Goldstone claimed the Russian government had “highly sensitive” information about Hillary Clinton. Sekulow said Trump had not seen the documents until Tuesday, when they were released on Twitter. Savannah Guthrie, on NBC’s Today, asked Sekulow to explain why a speech given by the then-candidate—just days after the emails took place—promised Trump’s supporters he would soon have negative information about Clinton. Sekulow responded, “There’s opposition research being done every single day by the campaigns.” He added, “It was not based on any of this.” Sekulow later repeated: “The president was not aware and did not attend this meeting and was only made aware of this chain of emails days ago.”