Trump Lashes Out at Journalists Over His ‘Voter Fraud’ Claim

President-elect Donald Trump doubled down on claims of voter fraud Monday night, lashing out at journalists who dared to ask for some evidence. Addressing several reporters, Trump wrote, “There is NO QUESTION THAT voter fraud did take place, and in favor of Corrupt Hillary!” As for those who expressed doubt about Trump’s assertions, the president-elect told them to put up or shut up: “Pathetic — you have no sufficient evidence that Donald Trump did not suffer from voter fraud, shame! Bad reporter.” He went on to demand proof that “Donald Trump did not suffer from millions of fraud votes,” topping it all off with a snarky, “Journalist? Do your job!” CNN journalist Jeff Zeleny tweeted back at Trump politely asking that he send some examples of voter fraud. He did not receive any. It remains unclear why Trump accepted his win in the election if he believes millions of people voted illegally.