Trump Jr. Invested in the Lettuce Company of a Friend Seeking Federal Funds: Report

In 2017, Donald Trump Jr. invested in the hydroponic-lettuce startup of a close friend and major Trump campaign fundraiser who was also seeking funds from the federal government, ProPublica reported Tuesday. It’s unclear exactly how much of a stake Don Jr. holds in the company, Eden Green Technology, where close friend Gentry Beach is co-chairman; but documents from another shareholder suggest it’s in the range of $650,000. ProPublica notes this is one of many business ventures that Don Jr. has undertaken since his father became president. These dealings have come under the scrutiny of ethics experts, who are concerned that businesses hoping to influence the White House could gain favor by offering prime opportunities to Trump family members. Don Jr.’s investment isn’t necessarily unethical, one ethics expert told ProPublica—if the men’s dealings were strictly business, Trump’s in the clear. But the expert was skeptical: “Why is Trump Jr. being given this opportunity?” she asked. “It definitely has the appearance of trying to gain access by any means to curry favor with the administration.”