Trump ‘in Very Good Health’ but Technically Obese, Says White House Doctor

President Trump has been deemed to be “in very good health overall” by White House physician Sean Conley, despite reportedly having gained four pounds since last year and being technically obese. According to Politico, the memo from Trump's yearly medical exam said his height was 6'3" and his weight was 243 pounds, which puts his Body Mass Index at 30.4. According to the CDC, a BMI of 30 or higher is the “obese range.” Conley also reportedly noted Trump's LDL (or “bad”) cholesterol was 122 milligrams per deciliter. That measure is reportedly above CDC's recommended range of below 100. Trump's previous doctor, Ronny Jackson, reportedly recommended that he lose 10-15 pounds and follow a diet and exercise plan. The White House reportedly noted last week that Trump has not followed the recommended plans closely.