Trump: I’m ‘Entitled’ to Positive Coverage From The New York Times

Donald Trump has told The New York Times that he thinks he’s “entitled” to positive coverage from the newspaper because he’s from Queens. In an eye-opening discussion about his relationship with the media, alongside Times Publisher A.G. Sulzberger, the president said: “I ran, I won, and I’m really doing a good job... I came from Jamaica, Queens, Jamaica Estates, and I became president of the United States... I’m sort of entitled to a great story—just one—from my newspaper.” Trump said he understood that tough media coverage comes with being president, but added: “I get it really bad. I mean, let’s face it, this is at a level that nobody’s ever had before.” He said Fox News “treats me very well,” said local television is “so great to me,” but said NBC News is “terrible” and added that the Times “treats me so unbelievably terribly.” Sulzberger told Trump the paper had “to cover people and institutions of power, toughly, aggressively” and said: “It’s never fun to be on the other side of that... You have my commitment that as we do that toughly and aggressively, we will also do it fairly.” Trump replied: “I appreciate that.”