Trump: I’d Get the ‘Electric Chair’ for Talking Like Jay Z

On the eve of Election Day, Donald Trump is still talking about how he disapproves of the language Jay Z and Beyoncé used during his concert for Hillary Clinton in Cleveland over the weekend. After criticizing Clinton for needing superstar surrogates to fill up stadiums at her rallies, Trump moved on to the “disgusting” lyrics in the rap songs performed by two of the country’s most popular musical artists. “If I ever said those words that Jay Z said or that Beyoncé said the other night,” Trump told the crowd, “you know what would happen to me? The reinstitution of the electric chair.” Previously, Trump said he did not even want to use the “initial” of the word in question, presumably referring to the n-word, and complained that Jay Z’s lyrics are far worse than his own “lewd” boasts about grabbing women “by the pussy.”