Trump Flying to Europe for WW1 Centenary, Will Skip ‘Global Cooperation’ Meeting

It’s a bit of symbolism that’s almost too on the nose—but leaders from around the world will meet in France on Saturday for a meeting on global cooperation, without Donald Trump. The president will fly in for the centennial commemoration of the end of World War I, but will skip the Paris Peace Forum hosted by French leader Emmanuel Macron. He’ll reportedly hold a one-on-one with Macron and attend ceremonies and meals with other leaders—including Russian President Vladimir Putin—but he’ll leave before the global cooperation meeting, organized by Macron as the focal point of the gathering. Trump declared in August that he would attend the ceremonies after he said Washington municipal authorities had given a “ridiculously high” cost for a military parade he had wanted to stage on Nov. 11. The aim of the forum is to avoid war by promoting global cooperation.