Trump Donates His First WH Salary to Restore Antietam National Battlefield

President Trump will donate his first-quarter 2017 salary to a restoration project of the Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland, the Interior Department announced Wednesday. The money, totaling $78,333.32, was given directly to the National Park Service earlier this year. “As a former Navy SEAL … it’s about preserving our heritage of why we fight,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said. “We fight for our family, we fight for our friends, we fight for our country, and we fight for our freedom.” Three non-profits and an anonymous donor also contributed to the restoration project, bringing it the total to $264,213. The Battle of Antietam took place in 1862 during the Civil War, and resulted in more than 20,000 casualties. Trump had pledged after winning the election last year that he would forgo the presidential pre-tax salary of $400,000.