Trump Denies He Will Keep Working for ‘Apprentice’

President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday threw a Twitter hissy fit over reports that he’d continue work with Celebrity Apprentice even while in the White House. Lashing out at CNN for what he described as “FAKE NEWS,” he said the reports that he’d be “working on The Apprentice during my Presidency, even part time, are ridiculous & untrue.” “I have NOTHING to do with The Apprentice except for fact that I conceived it with Mark B & have a big stake in it. Will devote ZERO TIME!” It’s unclear why Trump blamed CNN for what he described as a fake news report, when readily available video clearly shows Trump's adviser Kellyanne Conway confirm that he is meeting with ethics experts to determine how to continue to serve as executive producer on the show. In addition to CNN, Variety also reported last Thursday that Trump would retain his executive producer credit on Celebrity Apprentice. Oddly, while Trump was focusing on the show, most other politicians were discussing what to do about Friday's damning report that Russia interfered in the U.S. presidential election to help Trump win.