Trump Decided to Skip Cemetery Visit, Blamed Aides for Fallout: Report

President Trump reportedly made the decision not to visit a U.S. military cemetery outside Paris over Veterans Day weekend and then lashed out at aides when the move prompted a backlash. A senior White House official cited by The Washington Post late Tuesday said Deputy White House Chief of Staff Zachary Fuentes had informed Trump on Sunday morning that the Secret Service had expressed concern about flying Marine One through rain and fog to get to the Aisne-Marne U.S. cemetery about 50 miles away. Traveling in a motorcade was also reportedly advised against. Based on that information, Trump reportedly decided to abandon the trip, with the White House claiming bad weather had kept him grounded. The move—and the White House’s explanation for it—sparked scathing mockery on social media and reprimands for what many saw as disrespect to veterans on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. By Tuesday, Trump was still fuming about the incident and had complained to aides that he looked “terrible,” the Post reports. He also reportedly blamed his chief of staff’s office, particularly Fuentes, for not warning him that canceling the visit would prompt widespread criticism.