Trump Campaign Manager Grabs Protester

Donald Trump's campaign manager appeared to grab a protester by the collar and pull him in the crowd at an Arizona rally on Saturday. In the video footage from the event, it appears that Lewandowski puts his hand on the individual's collar while another member of the security detail also pulls the young man back. Trump's campaign denied that Lewandowski was the one who actually grabbed him. "Corey Lewandowski was speaking with a protester at today's rally in Tucson, Arizona when the individual he was speaking with was pulled from behind by the man to Lewandowski's left," spokeswoman Hope Hicks said in a statement to CNN. This comes after Lewandowski grabbed a female reporter at a press conference which the Trump campaign denied as well.

During an phone interview on ABC's "This Week," Donald Trump denied that his campaign manager Corey Lewandowksi pulled the collar of a protester at an Arizona rally on Saturday despite video evidence to the contrary. "I give him credit for having spirit," Trump said of his manager who, along with a member of the candidate's private security detail, pulled a protester aggressively back during an event yesterday.