Trump: America Won’t ‘Look Foolish’ as Long as I’m Here

President Trump on Saturday reiterated his assertions that there was “no collusion” between his presidential campaign and Russia but sidestepped a question on whether he’d cooperate personally with the ongoing investigation. Asked whether he would speak with investigators, Trump refused to answer directly, saying only, “There’s been no collusion. There’s no crime.” The Russia investigation is “very, very bad for our country. It’s making our country look foolish. This is a country I don’t want looking foolish, and it’s not going to look foolish as long as I’m here,” he said. Denying a report that he’d sought to stop Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia probe, Trump said, “Everything I’ve done was 100% proper.” He also sought to defend himself amid claims that White House insiders are worried about his intellectual capabilities. Asked why he declared himself a “stable genius” in an early-morning tweet storm, Trump said he made the remarks because he “went to the best college,” “was an excellent student” and “made billions and billions of dollars” after finishing school.