Trump Ally Kris Kobach ‘Accepted Thousands of Dollars From White Nationalists’

Kris Kobach—the Republican candidate for governor of Kansas with tight ties to the Trump administration—accepted thousands of dollars in donations from white nationalists, The Guardian reports. The money includes donations from a former Trump administration official who was forced to resign after he engaged in an email exchange about a dinner party invitation that was described as “Judenfrei,” a word from Nazi Germany meaning free of Jews. Kobach also reportedly received contributions from KC McAlpin—executive director of U.S. Inc., which produces racist publication Social Contract Press—and U.S. Immigration Reform PAC, which has close links to John Tanton, the founder of the modern American anti-immigrant movement. Trump endorsed Kobach in August, describing him as a “strong and early supporter of mine” who would be “strong on crime, border and military.”