Trouser Trial Resumes

The journalist who faces 40 lashes in Sudan if convicted of indecent dress for wearing pants in public goes back to court Monday to face her accusers. Lubna Hussein was arrested with 12 other pants-wearing women in a cafe in July. Hussein has pleaded not guilty to the crime, and is daring authorities in Sudan to punish her while the world is watching. “I am Muslim; I understand Muslim law,” Hussein said. “But I ask: What passage in the Koran says women can’t wear pants? This is not nice.” Her trial has been postponed twice, the latest when hundreds of Sudanese women swarmed the court, many wearing pants, in protest. "Indecent dress" is a vague offense, and many women do wear trousers in Sudan and are not punished. Some think Hussein was targeted for other actions that might have upset authorities. Pants-wearing protesters are expected to again swarm the court Monday in support of Hussein.