Tron Reviews, for Olivia Wilde & Jeff Bridges Sequel, Are Mixed

It’s been almost 30 years since the release of the original Tron, but this Friday, fans of the original—which exhibited groundbreaking computer graphics—can partake in its sequel, Tron: Legacy, in IMAX 3D. The film, which has earned mixed reviews, centers on hacker Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), whose innovative software programmer father, Kevin (Jeff Bridges, star of the original 1982 Tron), mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago. Flynn soon discovers that his father has been trapped in a computer world he designed, and, along with his father’s protégé Quorra (Olivia Wilde), Sam fights to find him. Compared to the original, “It’s a sleeker, sharper, far more visually intoxicating machine dream of a movie, with a darkly liquid electronic texture all its own,” says Entertainment Weekly’s Owen Gleiberman. Critic Christy Lemire of the Associated Press, however, was less enthused, saying, “While director Joseph Kosinski’s feature film debut is thrilling and cool-looking for about the first half, its races, games and visuals eventually grow repetitive, which only draws attention to how flimsy and preposterous the script is from Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.”