Courtroom Drama

Travolta Recalls Son's Death

Taking the stand in a Bahamian court Wednesday, John Travolta relived the tragic morning that culminated in the death of his 16-year-old son earlier this year. Travolta recalled being awoken by his nanny who was frantically performing CPR on his son. He then assisted, but to no avail. Travolta was testifying in connection to an alleged blackmail attempt by two ambulance drivers who arrived on the scene and subsequently threatened to release private medical documents should the film star not pay them. The documents were reportedly tied to Travolta's desire to take his ailing son directly to an airplane instead of a hospital. The testimony is also the first time Travolta has admitted that his son was autistic and suffered from frequent seizures. Travolta was accompanied by his wife, Kelly Preston. One source described the couple as "graceful" in the courtroom.