Trapped Miners Must Stay Skinny

The 33 Chilean miners stuck underground—where they’ll have to stay for months as rescuers drill down—have been told to stay thin, or else they won’t be able to squeeze through the escape tunnel. Rescuers say a 35-inch waistline is the maximum. Officials have told the miners to play cards, sing, and exercise to maintain their sanity, and they’re not going to tell the men that it will take four months to get them out. The mine collapsed August 5, and engineers were able to drill a 6-inch-wide shaft to the shelter they’re trapped in. Through that hole the miners will get food and water. Family members have been told to be very careful in their letters to the miners, who think their rescue will take far less than four months. The miners made a two-day food supply last two weeks as they waited to be contacted, and can’t yet eat solid food because their stomachs have been empty for so long. They’re living on high-calorie, protein-enriched drinks for now.