Tracy Morgan Joins Twitter

If you tweet it, he will come: Tracy Morgan has joined Twitter after a campaign by OMGICU, a celebrity-sighting Web site, to get him to join. Morgan fans can visit and make automatic status updates to their Twitter and Facebook accounts in support of the campaign. Hugh Dornbush, founder of OMGICU, started the Twacy movement after noticing the eccentric and funny nature of the Morgan sightings reported on his site: One user saw Morgan “walking around soho eating blueberries looking confused,” while another saw him “driving a yellow Lamborghini with a blond woman listening to Sade.” Several apparently fake Twitter accounts already exist under the name of the comedian, whose show 30 Rock starts a new season next week. “Our cause may not seem vital today,” says Dornbush in a videotaped appeal, “but envision the world our children will inherit: one in which they will not know everything Tracy Morgan does all day.”