Toyota's Troubles Spread to Prius

Prius envy is a thing of the past now that Japanese officials have ordered Toyota to investigate the 2010 Prius braking system. U.S. officials have also announced that they will conduct their own brake probe. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received 171 complaints from Prius owners by 2010, 111 involving brake problems, and at least two leading to driver injuries. The news comes on the heels of Toyota's massive recall of millions cars for faulty accelerators, a move that will cost the company $2 billion. The company also faces the possibility of a civil action over the accelerator defects. The egg isn't just on Toyota either. According to The Washington Post, the NHTSA launched an investigation into the faulty accelerators in 2007, an investigation that only partially uncovered the cause of the issue and concluded that only a small number of cars were affected.