Toyota's Speeding Malfunction

Safety analysts have found some 2,000 cases of Toyota cars—including Camry, Prius and Lexus models—accelerating without warning to speeds of up to 100 mph, according to their owners, many of whom believe the problem to be with the cars' electrical systems and not due to faulty floor mats—the official explanation given by Toyota. The car company vehemently denies that the problem lies in the vehicles' electronics, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found no defects in those systems in its six investigations, but Toyota owners remain adamant that the problem floor mats had nothing to do with the dangerous acceleration. Bulent Ezal, whose wife died in an accident in central California, says his foot was "absolutely, positively on the brake," while a 911 call from an out-of-control Lexus driven by California Highway patrol officer Mark Saylor includes Saylor's brother-in-law saying "our accelerator is stuck... there's no brakes."