Toy Picasso Guitar Sculpture Discovered in Italy

Italian police unearthed a sculpture of a toy guitar created by Pablo Picasso. The 20th century master had created the string instrument for his daughter, Paloma, but an unnamed businessman in Pomezia, south of Rome, had been keeping it in a shoebox in his apartment. Picasso had originally given the piece called, “The Little Guitar” to Italian artist Giuseppe Vittorio Parisi, who lent it to the now anonymous collector two years ago so that he could create a glass showcase for it. The businessman is now charged with fraud and is on bail. Before passing away in January, Parisi had intended for the guitar to be displayed at the civic museum in his hometown Maccagno in northern Italy. When he died, his widow informed the police of the work’s whereabouts and since its recent recovery, the Maccagno museum reportedly plans to carry out Parisi’s original wishes.