Trouble Down Under

Town Overrun By 'Marauding' Camels

A small town in Australia is seeking a bizarre solution to a bizarre problem—a sudden herd of “marauding, wild camels.” Northern Territory, Australia, has been overrun by 6,000 camels in the past few weeks, the result of a recent drought and a lack of water available to the animals. The herd far outnumbers the town’s population of 350, and officials are calling the situation “very critical” saying that it requires “urgent action.” The proposed solution—rounding up the camels with helicopters, leading them into the desert, and shooting them—has been met with resistance by local animal rights groups. “It’s a terrible thing that people react to these events by shooting,” said the executive director of Animals Australia. The camels have already caused significant damage to water tanks, fencing, and other personal property in the town, as well as contaminating the local water supply.