Torre's Tell-All

Yankee fandom has been up-in-arms over former manger and erstwhile idol Joe Torre’s new book, The Yankee Years. The New York Post, in particular, has been ruthless, especially when it comes to retelling Torre’s treatment of superstar third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Torre reports that A-Rod’s clubhouse nickname was “A-Fraud,” and that teammates joked about his “Single White Female” relationship with Derek Jeter—in one example, Rodriguez had an identical pair of jeans shipped overnight to his house after he had seen them hanging in Jeter’s locker. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Torre’s coauthor Tom Verducci tries to set the record straight: “The term [A-Fraud] appears in the book in a very specifically defined manner: only in regard to guys in the clubhouse (not Torre) noticing that Alex was trying too hard to fit in, only in 2004, his first season in New York.”