Topshop Billionaire Sir Philip Green Accused of Groping Woman

Topshop’s billionaire boss Sir Philip Green has been accused of groping and kissing a female staffer, according to the Daily Telegraph. Green is also reportedly accused of describing a black staffer as “throwing spears in the jungle.” Other allegations against the retail magnate include claims that he pulled a woman around in a headlock, and smashed another employee’s cell phone, per the paper. Five employees have come forward with allegations of inappropriate behavior against Green. The Telegraph was able to publish their claims after his court action to thwart publication came to an end Friday. Lawyers for Green, who has denied the allegations, reportedly said “It is further denied that any of Sir Philip’s conduct towards employees amounted to any type of crime, or anything that would amount to gross misconduct, or a serious risk to health and safety.” The newspaper reported that Green paid millions in settlements to staff members.