Top Syrian Official: I ‘Saw Executions’

A man claiming to be the top legal official in Hama said Wednesday that he resigned after he witnessed more than 70 executions and other crimes against humanity by the Syrian government. It was not clear when Hama Attorney General Adnan Bakkour’s video statement was filmed, but it was posted online Wednesday. The Syrian news agency said that Bakkour had been kidnapped on his way to work Monday and has not been heard from since. In the statement, Bakkour also said he saw more than 420 victims buried in mass graves in public parks by security-forces personnel and the pro-regime shabiha militia; the arbitary arrest of approximately 10,000 peaceful protesters; the torture of prisoners; more than 320 people killed by torture; and in Hama, homes demolished with people still inside them. He also named several officials who were guilty of torture.