Gulf Disaster

'Top Kill' Stops Oil Flow for Now

It’s the first good news we’ve had in a month: The “top kill” appears to have stemmed the oil flow from the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico. But don’t celebrate just yet: Adm. Thad Allen warns that the leak could still resume and that the next 12 to 18 hours are “very critical.” “They’ve been able to push the hydrocarbons and the oil down with the mud,” he told Good Morning America. “The real challenge is to put enough mud into the well to keep the pressure where they can put a cement plug over the top.” BP’s CEO Tony Hayward said the “top kill” is “going pretty well according to plan” and that “much of the volume you see coming out of the well in the last 36 hours is mud.” Still, despite the encouraging signs, Hayward kept his estimate of success at 60 to 70 percent, while BP says it will be two days before we know if the "top kill" worked.