Tony Kushner Play to Open in NYC

More than a year after it first premiered in Minneapolis, Tony Kushner’s latest play, The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Capitalism and Socialism With a Key to the Scriptures, has been scheduled for a New York opening next spring. It will be a $1 million co-production by the Public Theater and the Signature Theater Company. The play, a three-and-a-half hour epic, was first commissioned as part of a Kushner festival in Minneapolis last year and has been undergoing modifications ever since, combining themes of politics, marriage, sex, radicalism, and the labor movement in the home of a retired longshoreman from Brooklyn. “This work adheres to Aristotelian unity more than anything I’ve ever done,” Kushner said. “It’s not short episodic scenes, but long scenes set in the same location in Brooklyn.” No actors have been announced yet, though Stephen Spinella and Kathleen Chalfant, who starred in his last epic play, Angels in America, are likely.