Tom, Kate Spoil Suri

Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes terrible parents? So says a diatribe in the Daily Mail, which accuses the pair of spoiling their daughter, Suri Cruise. She wears lipstick and nail polish. She’s been seen sporting silver kitten heels. Katie takes her on endless shopping sprees on which she follows the tot “around like a glorified bag carrier.” At her second birthday party, hundreds of live butterflies were released and the cake had four tiers. And she has no official bedtime. A former colleague of the couple says: “Suri knows all her parents' friends and what they do for a living, and doesn't call her parents Mummy and Daddy, she calls them Tom and Kate.” Suri is being treated like an adult, the paper claims, because Scientologists regard children as adults with a human body that is “nothing more than a vessel for a drifting alien spirits.”