Tom DeLay Hits the Floor

"You're crazier than Sarah Palin!" is how judge Bruno Tonioli summed up former Texas Congressman Tom DeLay’s gyration-heavy performance on Dancing With the Stars on Monday. While DeLay, referred to as, “the Hammer,” has done well in politics, his standing on the show is shaky, in spite of the success of his partner, professional dancer Cheryl Burke, who has won the competition twice in the past with Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith. Despite a third to last-place score last night, the judges praised DeLay for his “natural grace.” "One thing I liked about politics was the challenge and competition, and this is just like that. You've got to work hard, and maybe you can win," DeLay said of taking on the new challenge. Tuesday night, DeLay and Burke’s competitors will include Kathy Ireland, Melissa Joan Hart, and Kelly Osbourne.