Back to School

Tom Cruise's Harvard Law Stint

Perhaps Tom Cruise is studying up for a new role. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Cruise attended a class taught by his longtime attorney Bert Fields at Harvard Law School on Monday. Fields was a guest of entertainment-law professor Bruce Hay, but it was Cruise's presence that made discreet waves. Evidently Cruise paid strict attention, but shared a few quiet jokes with the student sitting next to him, who courteously kept her eyes on her computer otherwise. During the discussion, Fields referred questions back to Cruise, who interjected his own experiences with tabloid magazines, propriety of celebrity images, and the business of how movie ratings get set in Europe versus the U.S. By the end of class, he'd drawn a crowd. As the Harvard paper put it, "Cruise probably gave more time to HLS students than many professors are able to after class." Could Tom Cruise, Harvard professor be far behind?