Tiny NH Town Becomes First to Vote on Election Day

The first votes of the 2016 presidential election were cast at midnight in the tiny New Hampshire mountain town of Dixville Notch. The village, which is just south of the Canadian border, has been hosting midnight voting since 1960. It has successfully predicted three of the last four election results (although President Obama tied with local favorite Mitt Romney in 2012). With less than a dozen registered voters, the voting was over pretty quickly. Minutes after midnight, the ballots were already in—four for Hillary Clinton, two for Donald Trump, one for Gary Johnson, and one write-in vote for Romney, according to The Boston Globe. With the exception of 1968 and 2008, Dixville Notch has been won by Republican candidates; until early this morning, Clinton, in her 2008 and 2016 primaries, had never received a single vote there. Two other small New Hampshire towns also voted earlier Tuesday, Hart’s Location and Millsfield.