Tim Kaine: My Wife ‘Dinged’ Me for Debate Interruptions

In his first public statements about Tuesday night’s vice-presidential debate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine admitted things got a little “feisty” between him and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence—“I am Irish”—and said he got “dinged” by his wife for “interrupting” his opponent too much. Speaking to supporters at a rally in Philadelphia, Kaine said that as “smooth” as Pence may be, “there’s one thing he can’t do and that’s defend Donald Trump on anything.” Kaine’s comments came after Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway accused him of sexism for interrupting moderator Elaine Quijano. “Why in the world was her running mate interrupting and ignoring the female moderator, Asian-American female moderator by the way, completely?" Conway asked on Fox & Friends. “It was almost like it was a strategy. It was almost like he didn’t hear her. And it came off terribly on TV.”