The Other Half

Tiger's Housing Prospects

So much for Tiger Woods’ Manhattan bachelor pad. As it turns out, the place that Us Weekly claimed Woods was buying for himself earlier this week might not live up to the luxurious standards he is used to. "No way Tiger would live there,” one real estate agent said. “It's an '80s conversion, run-down, with leaky ceilings. If it really was Tiger who was spotted moving boxes in from a BMW, brokers say he might have been helping a girlfriend. It would have to be a mistress he doesn't care about." According to the New York Post, Woods always stays on his yacht, “Privacy,” any time he comes to New York. It seems more likely that he will remain in Florida, where he has secured a $54.5 million mortgage on his waterfront estate on Jupiter Island, Fla. Almost as remarkable is the fact that he intends to have it paid off in full by January 2016.