Three Dead in Myrtle Beach Shooting

Three people were killed and one was injured in a shooting Saturday night in front of the Myrtle Beach Bermuda Sands Motel. The victims were Devonte Dantzler, 21, and Sandy Gaddis, 22, of Summerville, and Jamie Williams, 28, of Ladson. Police say several people were fighting on the street before gunfire broke out. “At first, everyone was standing around to see who was going to win the fight. Then they started shooting and everyone scattered,” witness George Covington told The Sun News, Myrtle Beach's local newspaper. The shooting occurred during Myrtle Beach's annual Atlantic Beach BikeFestival. Prior to the motel incident, there was a shooting at Sixth Avenue South and Ocean Boulevard that resulted in one injury. Police say it is unclear if the shootings are related.