‘This Should Not Have Happened’: Another Woman Sues USC, Gynecologist Over Misconduct Claims

Lawyer Gloria Allred announced in a press conference Tuesday that she would be filing a lawsuit against the University of Southern California and former campus gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall on behalf of another woman who says she was victimized by Tyndall. Daniella Mohazab, a USC graduate student, claimed that she went to Tyndall’s office in April 2016 to get an STD test and medical consultation, when Tyndall allegedly watched her undress from the waist down and inserted two ungloved fingers in her vagina with lube—claiming it was part of the STD test. Mohazab also accused Tyndall of making sexual remarks about her race and her sexual history during the appointment. “USC is a great school, but this should not have happened,” Mohazab said during the press conference. Allred also shared the story of an anonymous woman who alleged that Tyndall took pictures of her vaginal region during a pap smear in 1991. She said the woman told her story to the clinic’s medical director, who recovered the camera used in the incident, but the doctor was not dismissed. Another woman came forward during the press conference, claiming that a hotline USC set up specifically for Tyndall cases was being used by the university’s legal team, which is tasked with protecting the university. Allred says Mohazab is suing for damages on sexual battery, gender violence, negligent hiring, and other charges. She said her claims could be the “tip of the iceberg.”