'Third Most Wanted' Nazi Dies

Samuel Kunz, the man known as the world’s “third most-wanted" Nazi, has died, German authorities said, while awaiting trial for crimes committed during the Holocaust. Kunz, 89, had been indicted in July on 10 counts of murder and 430,000 counts of accessory to murder of Jews during the Holocaust. Prosecutors said Kunz took prisoners from the trains and loaded them into gas chambers, and then dumped their bodies into mass graves. Kunz had been accused of shooting eight already-wounded prisoners in 1943, as well as shooting two people who tried to flee the death camps. "This is incredibly frustrating and I would urge the German authorities to expedite the remaining cases so that justice can be achieved," Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff said. In April, the Simon Wiesenthal Center listed Kunz as the third-most wanted—above him are Dr. Sander Kapiro and Milivoj Ašner.