Not Again

Third Elmo Accuser Emerges

Elmo is having a bad month. A 29-year-old man has come forward and alleged that he engaged in “some sexual activity” with former Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash back in 2000, when the accuser was just 16. The accuser, who is being referred to as “John Doe,” is the third man to allege underage sexual activity with Clash. According to John Doe’s lawyer, Clash called himself Craig and told Doe he was 30 when they started talking on a gay chat line, but Doe realized he was much older when they met at Clash’s apartment. Doe also realized who Clash was when he saw “Elmo dolls, an Emmy award, and photographs of Elmo with movie stars.” The lawyer said that his client started writing a book about the experience in 2009.