Theresa May to Offer Lawmakers Chance to Postpone Brexit if Her Deal Is Rejected

Theresa May has told lawmakers in the British parliament that they will get a chance to delay Brexit if they reject her deal again next month. It’s a significant development that could see Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union pushed back past the March 29 deadline, and prevent a deeply uncertain scenario in which the U.K. would quit the bloc without any kind of customs deal. She told lawmakers Tuesday that if they reject her deal again she will call votes on delaying Brexit and ruling out no deal, meaning the U.K. would “only leave without a deal on 29 March if there is explicit consent in the House for that outcome.” However, she said she’d rather not delay Brexit, saying “it would not make getting a deal any easier.” The next vote on her Brexit deal is due by March 12. The last vote, in January, saw the deal get rejected with the single biggest defeat of a sitting government in British history.