Theme-Park Lover Spends $50K on Coasters

There’s nothing like the feeling of riding a roller coaster—something that Briton Marcus Gaines knows all too well. The 33-year-old television cameraman from Southampton has spent over $50,000 on traveling to 1,099 roller coasters in 251 parks—a total of 46 trips to 19 countries. “As soon as I see the track, I’m buzzing with excitement and desperate to get on board,” Gaines told the Daily Mail. At the age of 25, his “coaster count” was just 50, but he then joined the European Coaster Club, adding an average of 100 coasters a year. “It’s a form of escapism, which allows me to forget the stresses of everyday life and lose myself in the moment.” Aw, who can knock on that?