The Times Isn't Dying

Atlantic writer Michael Hirschorn has an article this month about the imminent death of the New York Times paper edition that not all of the intelligentsia agrees with. Felix Salmon of Portfolio thinks that Hirschorn is dead wrong. The Times, he writes, is currently only losing a small amount of money and the company has a lot of assets to sell off in the case that it needs to. Plus, the Times is essentially a national newspaper and its presence will only grow as small papers around the country continue to fold. “I think it’s pretty safe to say that the NYT is going to continue to exist in its present form for quite a long time yet,” Salmon writes. James Surowiecki over at the The New Yorker agrees with Salmon but he's feeling a little more sentimental about it all. "I am one of those dinosaurs who finds the idea of a morning without the print edition of the Times pretty much unimaginable," he writes.