Who Knew?

The Stray Dog Who Attends Greek Protests

Someone has got to adopt him now, right? The Guardian profiles Kanellos, a stray dog who “has been seen at nearly every demonstration in Athens over the last two years.” He was at it again this week, joining the Greek demonstrators who were protesting the country’s new austerity measures. Kanellos always sides with the protesters, and is willing to brave tear gas and violence. Gawker points out that a Greek user of the website Reddit says the Guardian has misidentified the dog and that his real name is “Louk.” The Reddit user says, “These dogs live in Exarxeia and they don’t belong to nobody. We call them 'the dogs of the movement,' and there [are] many of them, such as Roza, Dick, Ribo, Petros, Loucy. It's funny, but they are our comrades, we protect and feed them and they protect us as well.”