The Real Santa Claus?

Most children lose faith in Santa around age 8, but a few believe until 11 or 12. According to child psychologist Charlotte Reznick, "just as there are children who grow up too fast, there are children who remain innocent for a while longer." At a garden center in Fairfax County, Virginia, a certain Santa, who has spent 30 years on the job inspires late-blooming devotion. He remembered the name of Galen Henderson, 11, who has been visiting every year since she was little. Last year he remembered her dog's name and brought her a Wii her family couldn't afford. He also recalled the name of Amanda Brady, 24, who visited the old man years ago, and came this Christmas with her preschooler. His uncanny recognition "shocked" Brady who claimed the old man must have "some kind of magic going for him." But who is the mysterious man in red? An elf passed this note along: "You work for a newspaper called The Washington Post. Your paper honors anonymous sources. Honor Santa Claus. Don't be a grinch."