The Nomad Charging Wallet Doubles As a Phone Battery

Smartphones are more powerful than ever, but battery technology hasn’t improved much in the past decade or so. You’d be pretty lucky to get more than a day or two out of your phone, and if you’re using it heavily—like when you’re traveling—you might not even make it through dinner. As a result, portable battery packs have become quite popular, but they aren’t exactly stylish...or easy to carry around. That’s why Nomad, in addition to their phone cases and other accessories, developed a series of charging wallets for the iPhone. Constructed with Horween leather, these wallets should develop an attractive aged look over time without falling apart, and can hold enough juice to fully charge an iPhone 8 (and almost fully charge an iPhone Xs). The slim charging wallet costs $80, while the bi-fold option is slightly more at $100. - Whitson Gordon

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