The Michael Jackson Collection

Though thousands of replications of Michael Jackson’s signature rhinestone glove and red leather jacket have popped up since his death nearly two months ago, the King of Pop reportedly approved his own designs. Christian Audigier, head designer for Ed Hardy (who is no stranger to the spotlight these days thanks to Jon Gosselin), told The Today Show that he’d been working on a line with Jackson. He said, ‘I want to do a line and I want to have you working on the merchandising.” People previously reported that Kitson had exclusive rights to the line, which includes over 100 T-shirts, jackets, rhinestone socks, rhinestone gloves, belts, and umbrellas, but Jackson reportedly never signed a deal. Considering a $250 jacket could now retail for $500, it’s no surprise Audigier is making it his mission to put the line into production. “I want it to come out,” he told Today. “Why not?”