The Man Behind the Acorn Scandal

"This plan wasn't just a means to defend against the media's desire to attack the messenger, it was also a means to attack the media and to expose them,” said Andrew Breitbart, the Internet entrepreneur who leaked the now-famous Acorn scandal to the world. Controversial journalistic practices aside, Breitbart’s treatment of the video expose has had a huge impact not only on the liberal organization (all employees involved have been fired and the Obama administration immediately dropped its funding), but also, and perhaps more significantly, on mainstream media. Breitbart says that he forced Democrat-prone media to cover the scandal by leaking different tapes at different times—strategically refuting accusations ranging from racism to doctoring tapes. "At every step of the way, we were correct…At every step of the way, the mainstream media attempted to cover up for Acorn…If they think that Acorn or the Democratic Party or the NEA or the Office of Public Engagement is the primary target, they couldn't be more wrong. It is the Democrat-media complex.”