Queen of Pop

The Making of Gaga

Maybe she should just stick to wearing strange clothes? “I don’t know if this is too much for your magazine, but I can actually mentally give myself an orgasm,” Lady Gaga tells New York in a profile that sometime reeks of faux-intellectualism. The piece traces Gaga’s unsteady rise from sexually charged Catholic schoolgirl to pop phenomenon. Gaga has worked hard, but so have her creators, who took her from rock chick to singer-songwriter to blonde space princess (“I told her that she needed to dye her hair blonde, and she did it right away,” a music exec said. “God bless that girl, she really does listen.”) Gaga was dropped from her label and picked up again later, and in between she discovered Andy Warhol, which is apparently the inspiration for her sound bites. But she can laugh at herself, as when she explains that she had to alter her first tattoo, on her lower back, before her first music video, because, “I just couldn’t face the world with a tramp stamp.”