The Grim Details of Black Sites

New details have emerged about the dreaded CIA black sites, where high-value prisoners were interrogated in macabre cells tailor-made for torture. A report in The New York Times details the rise and fall of Kyle D. Foggo, a top CIA official who climbed the ranks while facilitating the construction of some of the secret prisons, a role that he has acknowledged for the first time. Three prisons in Romania, Morocco, and an "Eastern bloc city" were all constructed to look identical,"so prisoners would be disoriented and not know where they were if they were shuttled back and forth." The cells were built with "nonslip floors and flexible, plywood-covered walls to soften the impact of being slammed into the wall." Stunningly, Foggo was found guilty in 2007 of funneling contracts for construction of the sites to a close friend, though he maintains he was unfairly targeted and that rivalries within the CIA were his undoing.