The Great Garage Sale of California

California is in dire financial straits, and it has one message for the world: Everything must go! The Great California Garage Sale will run on Friday and Saturday, and state officials will sell various publicly owned items—from BlackBerrys to desks to an “antique piano”—that they no longer need. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is adding a Tinsel Town-inspired incentive: He’s signed some of the CHiPs motorcycles and the windshield of a car in the hopes of attracting higher prices at the sale, which will be held in Sacramento and on eBay. “But perhaps the most interesting untold stories are how in the world the state of California ever came into possession of some of this stuff,” notes L.A. Times blog Top of the Ticket. From a dentist's chair to a surfboard and an “Xbox 360 with Halo 3 cover,” the objects raise more questions than the perplexing garage sale itself.