The Glenn Beck Backlash

If Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck can’t play nice, who can? Though he never mentioned Beck by name, Limbaugh laid into him during his radio program Monday for the negativity in Beck’s keynote address at CPAC that bashed progressives—and the GOP. "The point at this stage is to support the conservatives in and outside public office,” Limbaugh said. “I certainly would not have ignored the other team on the field, the Democrats. They're the only reason we're in this mess. The Democrat Party is the only reason we are threatened with the things we're threatened with. The Democrat Party. Solely. They own it. There's no evidence I see of anybody colluding with the Democrats on this health-care business.” In addition to CPAC, Beck is getting attention from the right for his public recognition of global warming. Despite his fierce criticism of Al Gore, he admitted that it is an important concern of his. "You'd be an idiot not to notice the temperature change,” he said in an interview with USA Magazine.