Never Gets Old

The Etch a Sketch Joke Won’t Die

Wednesday morning a Romney spokesman made the grave error of likening his candidate's strategy for the general election to an Etch a Sketch, that almost-forgotten toy of yesteryear that allows users to draw images and then erase them by shaking the screen. It's no surprise that this quip flew far from under the radar. Obama aides and supporters immediately started tweeting it en masse, Rick Santorum's campaign posted the video on its homepage and shortly after, the DNC created its own video of Romney as an Etch a Sketch cartoon. Don't expect this joke to get old any time soon. Gingrich has now been spotted giving a speech with an Etch a Sketch in hand and then giving it to a little boy in the audience and telling him, "You can now be a presidential candidate." Santorum was apparently "studying up on Mitt Romney's policy positions" when spokesman Matt Benyon snapped a picture of him on the trail Wednesday, and Santorum spokeswoman Alice Stewart was reportedly spotted handing out miniature Etch a Sketch toys in the parking lot outside a Maryland Romney event. But these toys aren't just for the big leagues! State Democrats in Indiana latched on to the joke, by comparing Republican Sen. Richard Lugar to the original Etch a Sketch candidate.